Unsurprisingly the genesis of this page came from a conversation over Sunday lunch. It was a combination of a friend’s suggestion that I start keeping track of where we have been and discovering a food blogging community online filled with good tips. To me 'Sunday Lunch' doesn't just mean the traditional roast. I think of it as time shared with family and friends, hopefully over good food, maybe a glass or two of wine and most importantly having fun. So whilst this page was initially set up to chart our quest to find "The Best Sunday Lunch" in the East of England (with occasional jaunts to the Far East). It has evolved to include fine dining, street food and everything in between plus other fabulous book and film events thanks to the warm welcome received from foodies on Facebook and Twitter. This is a personal page created for fun, the content is based on my opinions and experiences, or those of my dining companions and guest tasters and bloggers. They are not factual, but rather subjective to our views, tastes and background. Thanks for visiting!